Tips On Collaborating With Other Freelancers

Successful creative freelancers build a business not just a place to exercise a skill. In this interview Amanda Abella interviews George Cuevas, founder of CollabMiami and discuss pressing creative business issues. Give it a listen and be ready to take some notes.

Who are you? What’s your background? 

George is the founder of CollabMiami, a group in Miami, Florida that is made up of creative freelancers. They get together once a month for meetups and work out of different different spaces all over Miami.

George was born in Miami, and is of Cuban descent. He has freelanced since he was in high school, and he graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in design. After graduation, he found himself back in Miami and decided to change the way freelancers worked with ad agencies.

With years of experience building creative teams, George decided to bridge the creative networking gap and created CollabMiami. Over the last two years, he has connected with hundreds of freelancers in the community.

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Author: George Cuevas

As a freelance Creative Director/Graphic Designer, George Cuevas is sought by brands requiring custom visual solutions. As founder and, George brings an unparalleled amount of new media marketing and business experience to all his creative graphic design solutions.