Style Over Everything

Why carving out your own artistic voice is the most important thing you can do.

Artist spend a lot of time looking at the market and trying to make their art fit a commercial mode. Should I paint with oils? But Acrylics dry faster! Watercolor or do I just go digital? What’s the next big interest?

From the earliest age, we’re taught to strive for perfection. We’re supposed to attend the best schools, get straight A’s, and win Olympic gold medals while we’re at it. To achieve this, we need to have impeccable grades, flawless technique, and unmatchable skills. Once in a while, our society makes a half-hearted attempt to say, “be who you are,” but it’s usually within the context of a winner’s story — someone who wasn’t pitch perfect on paper but still ended up on top anyway.

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Author: George Cuevas

As a freelance Creative Director/Graphic Designer, George Cuevas is sought by brands requiring custom visual solutions. As founder and, George brings an unparalleled amount of new media marketing and business experience to all his creative graphic design solutions.