How to become irresistible to clients

All freelancers go through that moment of self-doubt. We are so excited to go into the future that it seems we jump without much mind as to what it takes… it is a real business after all. Check this post out.

I had just quit my job at Microsoft to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship. I was inspired after reading so many stories of people who had created a dream lifestyle by starting a (deceptively easy-looking) freelancing online business. Coaches and consultants making 6-figures a month. Stories of 4 hour workweeks, virtual assistants doing all the hard work and clients zooming in from all corners of the internet all with glorious freedom from a boss. I had stars in my eyes and the fantasy was just too enticing to pass up.

With over 16 years leading successful corporate marketing initiatives, I was sure I would be on the fast track to a booming online business quickly.

But that day, sitting in my first business networking meeting, I wasn’t so sure. In fact, for a fleeting moment, I wanted my predictable job title, paycheck, benefits and comfortable work environment back.

Because in that moment I realized how unprepared and alone I was. I had created a me-too business… and I didn’t know how to talk about what made me unique, different or compelling. I felt drab, boring and forgettable.

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Author: George Cuevas

As a freelance Creative Director/Graphic Designer, George Cuevas is sought by brands requiring custom visual solutions. As founder and, George brings an unparalleled amount of new media marketing and business experience to all his creative graphic design solutions.