Deal with good people, use a contract anyway

The ability to have freedom of choice is something seemingly innate to freelancing. Where to work, how to work, who to work with. With this mind set it seems that having a contract is also one of those optional choices. Well, think again. As a freelancer your commitment is to run a business… and businesses include contracts.

In the midst of working with a friend on a contract, he sent me an e-mail with the quote “You can’t have a good contract with a bad person.”* He hates contracts. A lot of freelancers and business owners do. They slow down projects and are a hallmark of the corporate world.

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Author: George Cuevas

As a freelance Creative Director/Graphic Designer, George Cuevas is sought by brands requiring custom visual solutions. As founder and, George brings an unparalleled amount of new media marketing and business experience to all his creative graphic design solutions.