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Freelance as a Career Choice

CollabMiami recently got invited by Miami International University of Art & Design to present to the student body freelancing as a business model. We cannot express the honor (and fun) it was. Presenting alongside five top creatives from the CollabMiami community, we took students from starting a freelance business all the ... More

Tips On Collaborating With Other Freelancers

Successful creative freelancers build a business not just a place to exercise a skill. In this interview Amanda Abella interviews George Cuevas, founder of CollabMiami and discuss pressing creative business issues. Give it a listen and be ready to take some notes. Who are you? What’s your background?  George is the ... More

So you want to freelance?

Having founded CollabMiami, I'm often approached with questions concerning freelancing. Many just seeking guidance for the very next step in their freelance journey. Well, following are some observations that you might find helpful as you consider striking out on your own. Freelancing is a business Big revelation, huh? ... More

Why CollabMiami?

There are two questions I get asked often at CollabMiami meetups. The first being "How did it start?" Well, after a nine year project building and working closely with creative teams I knew I would miss that interaction as a freelancer. At that point I set out to find a way to build a similar community around me. I figured ... More

10 Ways to Avoid Insanity and Automate Your Email

For many freelancers, email is the lifeline to their business. Whether initiating a conversation, reaching out to a new contact or just keeping up with what is next, it's enough to make a considerable time dent in our day. If your aim is to not only minimize email distraction but to make it truly work for you, maybe automat... More

Deal with good people, use a contract anyway

The ability to have freedom of choice is something seemingly innate to freelancing. Where to work, how to work, who to work with. With this mind set it seems that having a contract is also one of those optional choices. Well, think again. As a freelancer your commitment is to run a business... and businesses include contracts... More

How to become irresistible to clients

All freelancers go through that moment of self-doubt. We are so excited to go into the future that it seems we jump without much mind as to what it takes... it is a real business after all. Check this post out. I had just quit my job at Microsoft to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship. I was inspired after reading so many ... More

Style Over Everything

Why carving out your own artistic voice is the most important thing you can do. Artist spend a lot of time looking at the market and trying to make their art fit a commercial mode. Should I paint with oils? But Acrylics dry faster! Watercolor or do I just go digital? What's the next big interest? From the earliest age, ... More

How to Sell Your Services to Past Freelance Clients

  Selling Services to Past Freelance Clients. Having a pipeline of potential business always seems to be a concern for most freelancers. We tend to focus on the task we got hired for and neglect the sales part of our business. Well for the professional freelancer keeping a healthy flow of potential projects ... More